Mr. Albert Cimetiere - Guatemala

  • Group: 2 people
  • Impression: Exclusive Vietnam and Angkor Wat
  • Date: Travelled from 09/11 to 15/12/2010

Hello Ms. Thanh,
We're back in our country now and very cold snowy. Just some words to tell all the satisfaction that we had with this "journey of emotion" and discovery of the countries.
Since the first contact emails that we exchanged we felt your deep desire to satisfy potential customers. Your quick responses to our inquiries gave us an excellent first impression, a major factor in our decision to trust Asiatica.
And we were not disappointed: excellent hotels, beautiful sites and activities offered, great guides and drivers. In short an excellent value for money.
In all these deserved compliments that we send to Asiatica through you, we would make two notes that may be useful for your  future clients.
The first is that given the climate of your country we should have minimized the number of warm clothing to take away and add more  light clothes, especially for the Centre and South.
The second has already been made in the questionnaire attached that for food, a more open choice should be offered allowing variations to be sampled.

We wish you great happiness in both your professional and family life!.
Albert and Marie Odile


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