Mr. Estelle Pascal - France

  • Group: 10
  • Impression: A compact and delightful trip
  • Date: Traveled from 01 Mar 2012 to 19 Mar 2012

Hi Huyen,


Thank you for organizing us such fantastic trip to Cambodia despite the short time we had. We visited Angkor Wat,Ta Phrom, Banteay Srei, Banteay Kdai, Terrace of the Elephants, and Bayon all in Saturday, quite exhausted but glad we did not miss any site. We asked Reth, our tuk tuk driver to take us afterwards to the Artisans of Angkor on the way back, but it turned out to be a large expensive place--lovely quality--nice but a bit pricey for gifts. The hotel in Siem Reap was beyond our expectation, wonderful food and massages, and cheap too!

Already roll on to the next trip in Laos with you.


The best,

Estelle Pascal