Miss. Carol - Australia

  • Group: 02 people
  • Impression: A panorama of Vietnam
  • Date: Travelled from 09/09 to 22/09/2012

Hello Thom,
We are going very well, thank you. How about you?
Our stay went extremely well! We were delighted and had full memories! Thank you very much for everything you have done for us and we know that without you, we would never have discovered those beautiful things.
We were very pleased with the guides, both in the north and south, the driver, tours, hotels all very comfortable. (Except for that of Tam Coc but the nice home owners offset the details of comfort!)
 We are sure to return to Vietnam in the future, we are considering for another stay. And we'll talk about you to all our enclosures.
In short, do not change anything, you are great!
Thank you for everything and I wish you a good continuation.