Mr. Kerstin Erickson - Germany

  • Group: 4 people
  • Impression: Bad weather did not spoil our trip
  • Date: Traveled from 10 Oct 2012 to 30 Oct 2012

 Hi Thuy,


The trip went well even we were very worried. The typhoon had hit Hoi An when we were due to fly in. We were so impressed with how quickly and efficiently you adjusted our program for us so that we could arrive in Hoi An two days later. We had heard of uprooted trees and flooded streets but we were amazed upon arrival: how quickly local people cleared the mess. We could walk to major places in town, only a street still flooded. 
The Mekong Delta was a bit underwhelmed for us as it was raining and the floating market was not up to what we saw in Thailand. The Mekong Lodge, however, was a true gem. We were escorted by Mr Quang, the kindest resort manager we ever met. 
Thank you for the excellent arrangements you have done for our trip due to the bad weather. 

Erickson from Germany