Mr. Tom Christensen - Denmark

  • Group: 5 people
  • Impression: Great trip for right reasons
  • Date: Traveled from 15 Sept 2012 to 30 Sept 2012

Hi Linh,


We had a wonderful holiday, we were able to gain a good sense of the country and some awareness of the lives of ordinary Vietnamese people. Loved cycling in Hoi An and seeing the locals and water buffalo in the fields. The cookery class in Hue was hilarious and memorable for all the right reasons. 

We were impressed with the superb efficiency with which every little component of the tour was organized. Everything ran like clockwork. Having Huang as our guide gave a very interesting slant to an already enjoyable holiday. He had a flair for taking the group to places which were not on the tourist trail and this was very much appreciated.

Thank you so much and hope to return soon.


The best,

Tom Christensen