Mr. Chase Olsen - Canada

  • Group: 3 people
  • Impression: Off the tourist trail
  • Date: Traveled from 03 Oct 2012 to 25 Oct 2012

Hi Thuy,

Just returned home and still felt excited about the trip you’ve made for us. Huang was a great guide, he had a flair of taking us to off the beaten track places where there are no noisy tourists yapping or flashing money around. Joining people waiting for the sunrise over Ankor Wat and the sampan ride through the coconut jungle at Ben Tre in Vietnam were the most memorable parts of the holiday.  All I can tell you is what a wonderful holiday, staff at hotels helpful and friendly, trains comfortable, good street food, people everywhere smiling and friendly. We will avail your service again for our trip to Laos next year.

My best to you,
Chase Olsen