Mr. Ilan Eidelman - Israel

  • Group: of 5 persons
  • Impression: VIETNAM HOLIDAY 13 DAYS
  • Date: from 11/4/2019 to 23/4/2019
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Almost 2 weeks since we came back home from Vietnam so I thought to write you a few words:

Vietnam: You have a wonderful country with wonderful people. All people we had any interaction with were extremely kind, helpful and polite. The cities, villages and nature are all amazing, beautiful , clean and welcoming. You should be very proud of your country!!!!


Asiatic Travel: This is the most professional company I have ever used. From the first mail I sent you until the arrival to the airport in the end of our trip. Planning the trip, Visa process, choice of hotels, guides, drivers. Even your thoughts of little details like a voucher for coffee in the long way back from Sa-pa to Hanoi…. The fact that we were accompanied to the airports until we checked in, and that during our trip we were asked by Ms. Chau if all is ok.


Guides: All our guides were extremely professional, friendly and helpful!  (Especially our Sa-Pa guide Ms. May Linh!!)


Drivers: this was very important to us. All drivers were very helpful and drove carefully- so my wife was very happy. This is very important to feel at safe hands.


Thank You Annie and Chau for making this trip so good for us.


We will surely come again to Vietnam and meanwhile we will be good ambassadors for Vietnam and Asiatica.


Best Regards


Ilan Eidelman and Family