Asiatica Saigon Branch: 10th anniversary celebration


The year of 2017 has marked an important milestone in the development of Asiatica Travel in general, and Saigon Branch in particular. In this year, we are more than happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Saigon Branch establishment. 10 year may not be a long time, but for a travel agency, it is a remarkable path of improvement and continuous development to achieve today’s success.



In 2017, sixteen years after the foundation of Asiatica, our board of management had recognized the importance of establishing an office in Saigon to ensure and maximize the quality of services. Southern Vietnam is also the land full of natural beauties with cozy sunbathers and the job of seeking for new tourism products here was helpful to make you unforgettable journeys. As a consequent, Saigon Branch was established in 2007 and has always accompanied with Asiatica during every pace of development since then. 



In the early days, our colleagues experienced numerous difficulties since everything was new: controlling the service quality of hotels to choose the inexpensive hotel with beautiful price, searching and creating new and fascinating travel products in every destination, etc. They had to study all by themselves and absolutely it was not an easy job for our young guys. Nevertheless, thanks to the modest but continuous efforts that were accumulated every single day, everything had come closer, and our colleagues have gained valuable experiences during this journey.



This 10th year anniversary of establishment is not only a celebration; it is also a new year, which has significant meaning in the growth of our company. After 10 years, we always remind about our efforts and realize that we have accomplished certain achievement. Quality of services has improved much more than our first day and Asiatica Saigon is continuing to work to improve the service and bring the true emotional journeys for the customers.




  • Boutique style service at reasonable cost
  • Private tours tailored to your own desires
  • Worry-free travel, on-the-ground support 24/7
  • Local feel and off the beaten track travel focus
  • Traveling, sharing and giving back with us