Asiatica talent hunt and training


In this November, Asiatica has participated in several recruitment and training activities in order to seek for tourism talents, in which the most stood out are the Tour Guides Training tour and Recruitment Fair at Hanoi University.




On Sunday, November 19th 2017, 19 future Asiatica Travel’s future tour guides had a training tour to the west suburb of Hanoi after taking theoretical classes at the company’s office. This tour is organized by Asiatica Travel for the senior students from University of Languages and International Studies – Hanoi National University and Hanoi University. The selected students all have good results in their studies and have desire to become a tour guide. Among them, there were some candidates of the Final round of Hanoi University’s Contest “Future Tour Guides”. 



After an hour and a half traveled, Asiatica team and the students arrived at the first destination: Duong Lam, the village renowned for its rich heritage of laterite houses. We walked through small streets and visited Mong Phu communal house, Mia Pagoda and then biked to two temples dedicated to kings Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung. In the meeting with the writer Ha Nguyen Huyen – a village resident, the students learned about the traditional architecture of the North region. Leaving Duong Lam village, our next destinations are the two famous pagodas, Thay pagoda and Tay Phuong pagoda.

During the trip, each student took a skills test. They took turn to make a presentation in 10 minutes on a given topic: places to visit, the architecture, the customs, the culture of the village, the wet rice cultivation techniques, etc. Asiatica’s product manager, sales manager, along with some human resources and marketing staffs were watching, asking questions and then assessing the performance of these students.
“I am very happy with these students. They proved their knowledge and particularly their positive attitude through their preparation of the topics to present and also the way of accompanying the group.” shared Ms. Thanh, Sales Manager
“I am delighted to have participated in this trip. I was a precious opportunity for me to practice the knowledge I learned and show my skills. I am going to improve my language so that I can have better performance in my job in the future. Special thanks to Asiatica for this wonderful trip.” said Tien, a future French speaking guide from University of Languages and International Studies – Hanoi National University.
Organized every month, this training tour helps Asiatica Travel to train new and competent employees as it always be a policy driven activity of Asiatica Travel, and to strengthen the cooperation between the agency and foreign languages universities in Hanoi. 
On the other hand, on 24th November 2017, Asiatica Travel was delighted to participate in Recruitment Fair in Hanoi University in the occasion of Anniversary celebration series of the Departments. This is a precious opportunity for not only the company to recruit potential talents but also for young students to seek for chances of internship or collaboration and even official positions in Asiatica. 
There are numerous open positions for the young candidates to challenge themselves as well as receive a proper and professional training program in Asiatica Travel, namely Travel Consultant, Tour Operator, Tour Guide, Marketing Executive, Customer Service or Designer using popular languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. During the event, a great number of Hanoi University students have shown their interest in the opportunities in Asiatica despite the presence of other travel agencies. 
It seemed that the photo booth with Vietnamese traditional costumes prepared by our team attracted a lot of students to the counseling desk and take photos. But the hidden reason why students were much interested in Asiatica’s booth is because of our dedicated and enthusiastic consultants. We have specialized advisors for each position and language, who are always willing to answer all of the students’ wonders.  It was a busy morning for our consultants as they received so many questions from students but every one of them left Asiatica’s booth with satisfaction.
Only in the morning, we have received plenty of application forms from first year to senior students in different departments and languages. All of them are young, dynamic and very intelligent. Among the large pool of candidates, it is hard to assess the most qualified and suitable for the company because each student we talked to is a potential talent. 
The Recruitment Fair in Hanoi University is more than a recruitment day; it is a place to connect our company with the university to strengthen the relationship as well as with the students, who will probably be a part of Asiatica family in the near future.  What is more, participating in the event also help promote the company’s image and attract talents contributing to the overall development of Vietnam tourism industry. 
This is the very first time Asiatica Travel participates in a Recruitment Fair in Hanoi University and we are looking forward to more events like this in order to create working opportunities for students who are passionate in travel and willing to work in tourism industry.  Hopefully, some of them will become our colleagues at Asiatica and together be indispensable elements contribute to the success of the company in general and Vietnam tourism in particular.


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