Culture shows bring Vietnamese spirit to travelers


Becoming more and more popular recently, culture shows in Vietnam offer extraordinary experiences, which will bring the indigenous Vietnamese cultural identity to international tourists. Though the shows are performed from North to South, each region has its own signature identity that always raise the curiosity of audiences. 


1. The Quintessence of Tonkin


The Quintessence of Tonkin is a spectacle show, which will set you on a time journey on a time travel to the ancient Tonkin - the origin of Vietnamese culture. The theater is an engineering masterpiece of 3000m2, with spectacular illumination lighting system. The show is performed by nearly 200 actors and actresses, who will showcase the traditional elements of Vietnamese culture in comtemporary and innovative way. Audiences will admire the featured scene of Vietnamese Northern villages in 60 minutes to explore the unique Red River Delta's culture.





2. Ionah show


The name Ionah is using anagram reversed text of Hanoi. Launched in 2015, the show is the combination of various modern arts performance such as dancing, drama, circus, music, hip hop, visual arts, light illumination effects, etc. performed by both Vietnamese and international artists. With fascinating costumes and stunning performance supporting by modern sound and lighting techniques, Ionah show will make the night magnificent with full of excitement and awe. The show is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings every week at Star Galaxy Theater in Hanoi.




3. Four Palaces show (Tứ Phủ)


Inspired by the trance ceremony (hầu đồng) ritual in Vietnamese Mother Goddess Worship, the show attracts lots of tourists thanks to magnificent light and sound and a bold content of spirituality. The performance consists of 3 chapters: Chau De Nhi, Ong Hoang Muoi and Co Co Thuong Ngan. The plus point for the performance is the interraction between actors and actresses after the ceremony with audiences, as the Thanh Dong run around the stage to distribute "fortune". 




In December 2016, praticing of Mother Goddes Worship was recognized as intangible cultural heritage representative of mankind by UNESCO, making the cermony more attractive to foreign tourists. The show is available on every Thursday and Saturday with 2 sessions per day.


4. A O show


Launched in 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, A O show is among the most favorite shows of foreign visitors. The show is performed in the form of "new circus", with a rare mix of bamboo cirque, comtemporary dance, acrobatics and live music by folk instruments. By circus performance, with equipment mainly are bamboo and baskets made of bamboo, the artists continously transform and create the performance to guide audiences go through the peaceful countryside of Vietnam.




5. Charming Danang


Charming Danang is a show that will bring tourists the most brilliant experience on a journey of vivid cultural identity of Danang, the beautiful city on the coastline of Central Vietnam. With Ao dai, conical hat, lotus flowers and Champa culture, etc., audiences will immerse in a dancing and song performance full of Vietnam spirit. Performed by the crew of 80 artists, the show is held daily in the evening with the length of 70 minutes.




7. Galina show


Taking the theme of Hoa Dat Viet, Galina Show consists of 12 performances, are the stories of beauty, sophistication in traditional culture, people and country of Vietnam from unique identity in custom, beautiful spirit and lifestyle of the people of Vietnam. It is the lands of 3 regions with culture beautiful as flowers in Vietnam, portrayed through body language and live music to create a strong impact on the mind of the audience. Tourists can enjoy the show in Nha Trang with available sessions every day.




8. Memory of Hoian


Memory of Hoian is the realistic spectacle outdoor show with the largest scale in Vietnam with a space of 25 hectare. The stage consists of Hoai River and the old quarters along its banks Performed by 500 actors and actresses, who are mainly local people, the show will take audiences on a ride to a trading port of Hoian in 16th - 17th century to witness 400-year up and down of Hoian history. This show is really reach the international level for an outdoor show to perform Vietnamese cultural specificity and national identity.




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