Flying on hot air balloons to admire beautiful Hue from above


In the morning of April 27, at the campus of Ham Nghi Stadium, Hue City, the opening ceremony of the International Balloon Festival 2019 was held. This event is within the framework of Hue Traditional Festival 2019. In the photo is the group technicians help pilots pump balloon.



A hot air balloon has an average diameter of 22 m, a length of 28 m and contains about 3,000 m3 of gas.


This year's festival brings together 10 hot air balloons from 6 countries including the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam with funding from the socialization source. In the picture are the technicians trying fire to create hot air, the preparation stage to lift the balloon.


Each balloon has 4-8 gas cylinders. In the picture is a technician burning and pumping hot air to lift the balloon in the morning of April 27. A balloon gradually flies off the ground with a compartment that carries 3-4 people.



On the evening of April 27, due to the rain pouring, the time of organization was nearly 1 hour, starting at 18h. However, tourists and people still flock to Ham Nghi courtyard to watch the hot air balloons go up with the light and bustling music.


Visitors can experience free-flying hot air balloons (ticket price of 6.5 million VND per person), flying balloon (anchored in place and flying up and down at 30-50 m during 3- 5 minutes, ticket price 150,000 VND per person) and mini balloon (flying performance at Ham Nghi yard). Images of hot air balloons flying in the sky of Grand Noi Hue on April 28 morning.


Hot air balloon when operating freely in the direction of the wind, the pilot will calculate to move within a radius of 5 km from the starting point, with a height of 200 - 1,000 m, 40-45 minutes flight time.


The stop at Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian street, next to the Perfume River. Within the festival, visitors are exchanged with pilots, discovering the principles of the balloon operation.


Pilots and visitors end the trip to Truong Tien Bridge on April 28 morning.



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