Great celebration around Vietnam after U23 victory in U23 AFC against Qatar


Yesterday, U23 Vietnam had continued their magical journey in the AFC U23 in China by defeating U23 Qatar 4-3 in the penalties shoot-out after the draw score 2-2 during 120 minutes playing. Right after this historical victory, Vietnamese people flooded to the streets with flags, banners, trumpets and drums to celebrate with frenetic atmosphere.

Earlier, U23 Vietnam, the only remaining representative for South East Asia, for the first time presented at continental scale semi-final match, competed against U23 Qatar, a champion contender. It was a big surprise as U23 Vietnam eliminated U23 Iraq at the 1/8 round to be qualified for the semi-final. The match yesterday was such an emotional match, as U23 Qatar took the lead twice; nevertheless, U23 did not give up, they made a sensational come back with 2 wonderful goals by No.19 Nguyen Quang Hai to make it 2-2.


Quang Hai scored 2 wonderful goals to secure Vietnam to the penalties shoot-out


The draw score remained after 90 minutes of official competing time and the both teams could not find the way to reach each other's goal in 30 minutes extra time, so the game came to the penalty shoot-out to decide the winner. Quang Hai is the hero of U23 Vietnam in the match, however he missed the first shot, which made Vietnamese fan extremely worry. But we have another hero to save the day - goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung was brilliant to save 2 over 5 shots from Qatar player and create the premise for Van Thanh to score the last successful penalty to end the match with the victory for U23 Vietnam.


Bui Tien Dung saved the penalties twice


This is the second time in a row U23 Vietnam grab the win by penalties shoot-out. The last time was with U23 Iraq.

After the match, U23 Vietnam's head coach, Mr. Park Hang-seo claimed:

"Before this tournament, I said that we can do something special"

"The victory against Qatar is the result of my players' sweat and efforts"

"I required all of my 23 players to fight with all of their might and they are not permitted to disapoint Vietnamese people"


Head coach Park Hang-seo lead U23 Vietnam to the final


Van Thanh took the last shot, what an emotional moment and the atmosphere was likely to exploded. The players was crying, Vietnamese fans also crying in the happiness of the historical moment of victory,Vietnamese people flooded into every corner with red flags, banners and anything you can use to celebrate the victory.



Whether on foot, by bicycle, by motorbike or car, millions of Vietnamese join the flow of people to make a parade on every street with frenetic atmosphere.



The most popular sentence people can hear out the street was "Việt Nam vô địch", which means "Vietnam Champion". 


Vice Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam join the flow of people to celebrate the victory


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