Tu Duc Tomb is digitized in 3D by Google and introduced to the whole world


 On the World Heritage Day (April 18), Google Arts and Culture expanded the Open Heritage project by adding to this platform a collection of at-risk relics around the world.


With this project, Tu Duc Tomb has become Vietnam's first heritage to be included in a collection of precious relics to introduce Google Arts and Culture to the whole world.


And the 3D digitized version of Tu Duc officially came along with the 3D version of 29 other world-famous legacies released to the public worldwide on April 18.


According to the Hue Monuments Conservation Center, the introduction of Tu Duc Tomb into the Heritage Library started in the summer of 2018 when CyArk collaborated with the Hue Monuments Conservation Center to digitalize Hoa Khiem palace, the epitaph Tu Duc and Le Thien Anh's Tomb, offering 3D models and architectural drawings to support conservation and storage.


In addition to the monumental images taken from the inside - outside and above from flycam, the team of experts also uses laser scanners to accurately reproduce surface depictions as well as panoramic details. campus, inside - in addition to th mausoleum and electricity with video as well as 360-degree photos.


Previously, Hue Monuments Conservation Center also cooperated with Seagate Technology Company and CyArk (USA) to carry out the project of digitizing documents of 2 monuments: Tu Duc Tomb and An Dinh Palace by 3D scanning method.


And some results of this data will be provided by the Center for searching for readers at the Royal Library in the near future.


Tu Duc Tomb was built in 1864 and completed in 1873. It was originally the palace of the palace - the resting place of King Tu Duc.


The mausoleum is composed of 2 main parts, arranged on two axes parallel to each other, together with Christmas Khiem in the foreground as a precedent, Duong Xuan mountain as an occipital, and Lake Luu Khiem as a road element.


In the tomb there are about 50 large and small buildings and the mausoleum is evaluated as a large park in the valley.


The Open Heritage Project is a digital library of the world's largest heritage and monuments where the public can access 3D heritage archives.


The project was created by the nonprofit organization CyArk to preserve and promote the value of world heritage, the common property of mankind is at risk of being damaged or disappeared by nature, natural disasters or war.



After 15 years of collecting and reproducing heritage and monuments around the world, the public has been able to view photos, videos, stories or even digital exhibits of digitized landscapes such as cities. ancient Bagan (Myanmar), Brandenburg gate (Germany), Chichén Iztá ruins (Mexico), Ayutthaya temple area (Thailand) to the ancient city of Ancient Corinth (Greece) ...


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