Updated Travel News in August


Asiatica Travel always update useful travel news for travellers from all over the world.

1. Entry ticket to Hue Imperial Palace for Vietnamese tourists has gone up to 150.000VND, which is the same price for foreign travellers, instead of 120.000VND like before.



Magnetic cards are used instead of traditional paper ticket for historical sites. Free entry tickets to museums from 18/5.

According to Hue Citadel Reservation Centre, the entry ticket to Hue Imperial Palace has been changed from 120.000VND to 150.000VND for Vietnamese tourists which is now the same price as for foreigners. Combined tickets to relics and historical sites still remains the same price.
Hue local people will receive 50% discount entry ticket for any historical sites in Hue Citadel by presenting their personal identity card, household registration at ticket booths.
From the first period of the year, Hue citadel has attracted 1.874.895 arrivals (1.024.158 international visitors and 850.737 Vietnamese visitors). There is an increase in both international and domestic visitors which are 26,5% and 12% higher compared with the same period last year in 2016.
2. 5 stars train from Saigon to Nha Trang gives discount tickets up to 30%
Saigon Railway discounts all tickets from 20-30% on routes concluding Saigon – Nha Trang and vice versa.
According to the company, the promotion program is applied after 2017 summer from 14/8 to 27/12 except for national holidays.
Travellers buy single ticketson 5 stars train SNT1/2 for the route Saigon – Nha Trang will be discounted from 20% to 30%. It is also applicable for Southern routes concluding SE 25/26 Saigon- Quang Ngai, SQN1/2 Saigon- Quy Nhon, SPT1/2 Saigon – Phan Thiet.
On Thong Nhat train, single ticket is only discounted from 20-50% if travel over 1.000km and early booked before 20 days departure. The discount is not available for 4 -bed cabins with air conditioners for pair train SE1/SE2, SE3/SE4.
There is also a discount for group of people from 6-12% depending on number (minimum 10 people)
Saigon Railway applies discount policy up to 60% for tour guide accordingly to number of people in travel group for the period of 5/9 – 31/12. One tour guide will get the discount for the group of 20-50 people, two for the group of 51-100 and three for the group of 51-100 people.
Travel agencies joining promotion travel program with Travel Organization in 2017 will get discount from 25-40% and get extra 10% off for any purchase before 30 days of departure from Saigon to Dieu Tri/ Binh Dinh; from Dong Ha/Quang Tri to Ha Noi and vice versa for the period from 14/8 – 27/2 except for Vietnam National Day (2/9).
Besides, the company has discount for disable people, union members, children, the elderly, students and pupils,etc
The five stars train depart from Saigon station at 20.30pm and arrive at NhaTrang at 5.30 on the next day. The return way will leave Nha Trang at 19.10. The price ticket is around 265.000 to 423.000 VND depending on seat or flat bed.
3. Quang Binh opens a new tour route and give discount on all service
Travelling to Quang Binh in period of 16-25/6 will get the discount from 10-20% on all products and services.
Quang Binh Cave festival will be taken place from 16 – 25/6 in 2017. There are two outstanding activities on this special occasion are opening of routes, travel spots, accommodation, new travel services and travel promotion program named “Discover Kingdom of Cave in Quang Binh – an unique experience”.
The new routes are newly opened to welcome tourists conclude: Yen Phu Lake – Hoa Son – Ruc Mon cave, and the other one is “Discover and learn Aren and Macoong’s cultural community.” Trams are provided for travellers to visit around the city.
“Phong Nha – Kingdom of caves” amazing race will be hold together with others sport activities ( biking – marathon – swimming) in distance of 50km and volunteer activities of more than 50 athletes.
From 11 to 22/6, Quang Binh will have yatch parade, sailor experience, yatch racing, kayaking as well as water activities like water moto, gliding, catching squids,etc on Nhat Le river.


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