Mr. Carole Chane Sam - Australia

  • Group: 4 people
  • Impression: A lovely family vacation
  • Date: Traveled from 07 May 2012 to 21 May 2012

Hi Huyen,

Thank you and your company for the wonderful trip we had in Vietnam.

OMG, the chaotic and wild traffic in Saigon was exhilarating. Crossing the street was so fun. I perfected the "keep your head straight while your eyes looked out of the side of your head" tip you gave. How was it possible that all those motorbikes went around and just avoided me? Surviving the throng of motorbikes on the streets was the most memorable part of the trip.

The ethnology museum in Hanoi was gorgeous but it was way too hot when we were there. Halong was the most beautiful site of Vietnam. The guide took us to hidden lagoons away from the crowd. Please, send him my best regards.

Again thank you very much!