Mr. Avi Kushilevich - Israel

  • Group: 4 people
  • Impression: Along the Mandarin Road
  • Date: Traveled from 19 Feb 2013 to 06 Mar 2013

Dear Linh,

Last night I landed in Israel after 2 wonderful weeks in Vietnam and 1 week in Thailand.
I would like to thank u for the wonderful trip,the professional guides and especially the tour guide from the north  (please forgive me that I forgot his name) that we spent with him the last 7 days.
My dear, you should be proud that u have such a professional guide with very high sense of humor.
I learned a lot from him especially about the Vietnam traffic police…..
Dear linh,I will do my best to recommend on your company.
Again thank u very very much for everything and please tell my gratitude to the wonderful guide.

Avi Kushilevich