Miss. Yolanda Antal, - Israel

  • Group: 2 people
  • Impression: Fascinating Vietnam
  • Date: Traveled from 07 May 2013 to

Dear Ms Linh Doan,

Sorry for the BIG delay in answer, but since i traveled for long time, i had so many things to do , when i came back home.....
I wanted also to send you some Photos from the good  time we had in beautiful Vietnam, so it took me some time, but today i finely
attached you some photos we took in Vietnam.(I have hundreds)
Let me just say that we enjoyed very much the tour in Vietnam, Ha-long Bay is amazing, Sapa and all the surrounding area are very
interesting and with magical beauty, Bac Ha was the most colorful market we have ever been. Hanoi and Ho Chi Min are very nice towns, and we found the people of Vietnam really friendly.
The guides were nice and with good knowledge.
We liked especially the guide Huang in Hanoi area, he was really nice, with lot of knowledge and helpful.
The guide Tong in the Mekong was also good, and the local guide Ta in Sapa was sweet.
We recommended this 3 guides also to Yona.
We recommended Asiatica to our friends from Eilat, Avi Kusilevitcz and one more couple. They told us that they go this days to Vietnam and will travel with Asiatica.
Please give them the good time, as you did for us.

Thanks again
Yolanda and Michael Antal