Mrs. Stuart Rowe - Australia

  • Group: 4 people
  • Impression: How great and fun!
  • Date: Traveled from 13 Nov 2012 to 28 Nov 2012

Hi Thanh,

I cannot say enough about how great and fun travelling with Asiatica Travel is. Hanoi was my favorite city, its chaotic traffic, narrow streets, vibrant street culture, flavorful cuisine, elegant ochre architecture and an endless motion of motorbikes. The Hanoi Moment Hotel was great, a yummy made-to-order breakfast and a laptop/wifi in every room. Every time we returned we were greeted with smiles and chilled juice. I can't tell enough how amazing the service is at this hotel.

Ha Giang was an eye-opening experience for us. Magnificent scenery everywhere; we met amazing ethnic people in adorable traditional dresses.  They were very friendly, inviting us to their home. How a happy life it was for the people here. They had so little but  always kept smiling and treating us everything they have: rice  wine, corn, cassava.

I would recommend you to anyone who wants a bit adventurous travel and wants to see the real Vietnam.