Mr. Avi Ezer Weiss - Israel

  • Group: of 6 persons
  • Date: from 11/2/2019 to 27/2/2019
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We traveled with Asiatica Travel for 17 days in Vietnam and Cambodia, 6 people age 70+.

We are very pleased with all the stages of the trip, from the planning, done in full cooperation with us and in constant consultations, to the concern of all the details and VIP service throughout the trip.
Ms. Phoebe and Ms. Chau from Asiatica were effective and helpful and promptly responded to all of our requests. Every WhatsApp message was answered immediately. This connection continued from the planning stages and during the trip itself. Every day of the trip we were asked and checked whether we had any problems or requests and any matter was treated immediately.
The trip schedule was correct, the hotels were excellent (we chose a 4 stars hotels), the car was very spacious and the guides polite and helpful.
Sometimes there were misunderstandings between us and the instructors because of the difference in our accents, but it was always resolved by good will and good spirits.
It is also important to note that Asiatica's staff was well aware of our special needs as religious people who are keeping Kashrut and Shabbat and helped us as much as possible in these areas.
In summary - we have only good words to say about Asiatica Travel and its team.