Mrs. Olivia - Australia

  • Group: 4 people
  • Impression: Passionately Vietnam
  • Date: Travelled from 21/02 to 07/03/2013

Hi Phuong Hong,

We are back in Australia after two weeks full of wonderful memories about your beautiful country.
You have organized the trip according to our choice and completely fulfilled our wishes.
Making the bike rides to the countryside to explore the local environment, residents and their lifestyle, we have discovered an authentic Vietnam.  It is really a well-worth trip.
Visits to museums were all exciting with helpful guides who are always willing to share with us your story, always fussing with respect to us. They are Tien who is adorable and passionate, discreet and very helpful and also Luyne Philippe to tell us the history of his country with passion.
The hotels were always located in the center, that’s good and convenient. Sometimes, we did enjoy a certain freedom to choose our restaurant, but it was still very good when it was your choice. Your gift really touched us, thank you very much.
Congratulations to all for your hospitality and professionalism. I will certainly give your details to those who concern.
I send you some pictures from my Iphone because I have some problems with the computer.

The best,