Mr. Carret Dominique - France

  • Group: 2 people
  • Impression: The flavors of Vietnam
  • Date: Travelled from 02/12 to 22/12/2012

Arriving in Hue, the guide and the driver were waiting for us.  The guide was very good. He speaks French fluently and was very flexible in different circumstances.
The Victoria hotel in Hoi-An was very good that we had a beautiful suite room with a fantastic window view of the sea.
Thank you for your efficiency.
During our stay in the center, we especially enjoyed the ancient town Hoi An. The guide (An) was perfect. Her French was amazing and she finished all the tasks in a very professional and efficient manner.
Our hotel (An Lam River) is quite strange and about 1 hour driving from Saigon, but the driver was perfect and knew the road even though it was not easy. In fact, this is an upscale residential hotel. The home is absolutely perfect. Then, it turned out that An knew the director of the hotel. We had a villa with private pool and were treated superbly.
The next day we left to Phu Quoc after passing through the floating markets of Can Tho (where we stayed for a little bit).

Up on arrival at Phu Quoc, the hotel shuttle was waiting for us (La Veranda). There we stayed for 5 days and those 5 days we were treated like kings (upgrade and full of nice touches).
The trip was great. The food was excellent (in fact we have dinner every night at the hotel) and the weather was more beautiful. We wish we would have stayed a few more days!
We went back to Saigon where we returned to An Lam River.
This is our trip to Vietnam.
Your organization was perfect. Everything was well resolved.
I will recommend your agency to those who want to go to Vietnam. In fact, I started to do so.
We did have lots of memories. As evidence to that, Christine has some 700 photos and I filmed myself more than 3 hours.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.
We were very happy to answer all of your questions.
Best regards and thank you again,