Mr. LEMERCIER - France

  • Group: 02 person
  • Impression: The Land of Hidden Charm
  • Date: Travelled from 3/1/2013 to 16/1/2013

Hi Huyen,


Just returned from a 2 week trip to Vietnam. Being experienced travelers, we prefer to make our own way rather than take an organized tour with a group. As we had limited time to do what we planned, we decided to use Asiatica Travel for airport/hotel pickup. This worked well. With a minor hiccup, Asiatica Travel were reliable, efficient and friendly. All drivers spoke good English, vehicles were new or near-new and the cost was very reasonable, especially when the time saving and convenience is factored in. Cu Chi highly recommends!! Our favorite thing we did in vietnam ! The tunnels are very tight and I'm not good with small places but I managed! So happy I did it. I even shot a gun ! Amazing. We will contact you again.