Mrs. Catherin Rozet - France

  • Group: 02 people
  • Impression: Tonkin, Central, Mekong Delta
  • Date: Travelled from 17/11 to 07/12/2012

Dear Mrs. Thom
We have just come back home in Nantes after spending a few days in Paris with our family.
As we have said, we are very happy with this trip which is also our first trip to Asia.
Among the three regions of Vietnam that we visited, the North has impressed us the most.
We loved the visits to ethnic minorities’ lands with their villages and colorful markets where we could observe the work of local people and interact with them.
The Central and South are also culturally interesting, but in different ways.
We also think the trip to Mekong Delta area should be more thorough with longer time staying there. The central highlands are certainly worth visiting.
Again thank you for your work and also a big thank to the three guides who did make our trip a wonderful time.
Catherine and Michel ROZET