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  • Impression: TRAVEL TO VIETNAM
  • Date: from 12/4/2019 to 1/5/2019
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We returned two weeks ago from a 20-day trip to Vietnam (+ two flights back and forth).

The tour was based on the recommendations appearing on the Asiatica website as well as on the recommendations of travelers from the site for the traveler and another journey.

With the help of Asiatica's wonderful office staff, a plan was designed to visit the main sites from the south to the north on the Chinese border. We participated in two couples over the age of 70, so we also adapted the pace of the trip to our ability. We contacted Chau Nguyen from the office and should note the great help and patience with which she took care of planning the trip. Since there is no 20-day contingency plan only for Vietnam, the program was made up of other program parts and adapted to every request on our part.

There have been countless changes and it is worth praising Miss Chow for her patience and heroism with the changes in our requests.

From the moment the plan was signed and closed, the tour itself was conducted exactly according to the plan, with no delays or delays. Everywhere, the local guide, the driver and the driver waited for us.

The organization of the program and execution was professional, accurate and perfect, and warm and cordial. We are very grateful and strongly recommend that you use the services of this agency without any hesitation.

Important note: It is recommended to upgrade and choose a hotel program * 4, the difference is negligible since hotels in Vietnam are much cheaper than the prices you know in Israel.

And again thanks to Miss Chau Nguyen called Annie