Mrs. Tammy Anai - Israel

  • Group: of 8 persons
  • Date: November 2018
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First of all we would like to say thank you for the trip you arranged for us, we felt you made the best to make us happy and satisfied! everything was organized very well, the guides came on time, the hotels were excellent! the cars were good. Every day we had it's beauty and special experience !!

You have beautiful country with beautiful scenery's, beautiful people and excellent food!!!

At the hotel in Siem Reap, we met an Israeli couple who went by theme self ,  with your company, they told us they had an excellent guide in Sapa.
I feel we missed Sapa a little, it was such a long way to get there, we should have stay there another day.
we are happy for the opportunity  to visit your beautiful country and we hope we will have the chance to come again and we are happy we took you as our company that arranged the trip.
Thank you again and we will recommend on you soon.